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Backlit – 5 September

First day back at work today. I was full of big ambitions when I got in from work; ambitions about HIIT training and oven cleaning. In fact I managed to have a nap. I did manage to finish cleaning the oven whilst cooking tea #multitasking, and I did my HIIT after tea at the gym with my mum. So I did everything I planned to do, just not quite in the order I planned on doing it.

Today’s shot is from the field next to my house, taken in the gap between tea and going to the gym. Most of the field had been mowed recently, but there is a patch of grass near some trees at the far side which never gets mowed. I walked into the grass, realised I was surrounded by big fat spiders and backed slowly out. I then went to the less grassy area of grass and took this.

Back lit

Morning dew

Morning dew // 16 03 15075 // 365
The more I talk, the worse it gets. Clearly this isn’t an award winning combo for a teacher. By the end of lunch I’d pretty much given on trying to talk loud, luckily my class in the afternoon are nice so it wasn’t a problem. One of the girls would shout for everyone to pipe down and I’d give them instructions.
I really feel like poo though, it feels like my throat is closing in on itself, plus I now have a headache and I’m off to Manchester to see a gig (To make it worse I don’t even like the music, but if I don’t go kB has no one to go with!)


Carnage // 23 08 14235 // 365

When we returned from Italy, we were met with a scene of carnage on the back garden. Clearly something, maybe a cat or those eagles we have in our area (hahahaaha, totally a kestrel or something) had gotten hold of a pigeon.
There were feathers and bits of muscle in a huge pile in the middle of the garden – lovely!