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Grandad’s Garden

Grandad's Garden // 28 09 14271 // 365

This morning I decided to tag along with my mum and dad and go visit my grandma and grandad. I was secretly hoping that there would be epic robins posing everywhere but I don’t think I saw any wildlife the whole time I was there.

There are a lot of fruit trees in their back garden, and a lot of the fruit had fallen off, but the fruits which had fallen off of the plum tree must have only fallen off recently because they were so vivid!


Unidentifiable // 16 07 14197 // 365

When faced with large crowds of people, or unfamiliar situations I often find myself wishing that I smoked. Not because I want to take up smoking, just because that is a socially acceptable excuse to pop outside by yourself for 5 or 10 minutes. Sometimes crowds and people are just too much.

“I’m just going out to be alone – back in 5” doesn’t seem to have the same effect.

Today though, enough people at work know I take pictures that I had the “I need to take a shot be back in a bit” reason.