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Chatsworth // 13 04 2022

Chatsworth // 13 04 2022

Today my dad asked me if I wante to go on a little walk with him and my mum. I love a good tag along trip, so of course I said yes.
However, my mums definition of “a little walk” is a bit different to that of mine and my dads; we ended up walking 17k steps.
Then we went to the pub, and instead of ordering us a hot dog each, she ordered one hot dog! So we had to cut it up and share it… oops!

Catch up!

Painting // 05 04 2022

A little photo dump as I’ve gotten behind in editing and uploading!

Polka Dot Begonia // 06 04 2022 Dark Tranquillity // 07 04 2022 Rex Begonia // 08 04 2022 Wood Anemone // 09 04 2022

For the first time this project I got as far as being tucked up in bed before I realised I was missing a photo! Then we went to a gig, then it was Friday (a notoriously bad photo day for me!)
Today I managed to get out and go on a walk, it’s slightly too early for bluebells but there was a sea of wood anemone!

Little Pink Flower & Guiana Chestnut

Guiana Chestnut // 01 04 2022

Another doubled up Saturday post. The weather is really quite cold again. I was looking forward to getting out and walking, but it’s so chilly!
It seems daft because a month or so again, I would have been out because it was mild… But after it being 20 degrees last weekend, it being 5 degrees now is just too much of a shift in a week1

Little Pink Flower // 02 04 2022