Le Petit Chaperon Rouge & The never ending pile of muscles

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We cooked these ourselves. Tapped them, washed them, steamed them, sauced them up… And did not die! Hurray us!

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I went to Rivlin Valley, Sheffield with some of the photography gang. I always dress for a shot rather than practically; so it had rained really hard over night, it was really muddy, there was a river… I was in a white dress…

In true adventure ninja style I crossed a section of the river onto this random statue of a chair and sat in said chair. I managed to not fall in or get my feet wet! Woo!

The weather is defiantly more autumnal this year than it has been the last few. The last two years I can distinctly remember being hot and sunny. This year it’s raining one minute, OK the next and cold! We’ve even had the heating on a couple of times!

I’ve managed to grab a couple of outfit bargains on eBay too! ^_^

Where dark souls wander // There's a storm blowing in

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…and then I fell off the chair backwards, took half the tree out with me and got a boo-boo >:-|


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Starting to really enjoy Friday nights – another great thing about autumn is that there seems to be loads on the TV. I don’t normally watch much telly, but sometimes it’s nice to chill out and switch your brain off. Currently enjoying Blacklist and Sleepy Hollow (the latter mainly for the rather attractive man playing Ichabod Crane…)

(yet more) autumn! yey!

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I just cannot get enough of this autumny goodness.
As much as today was … I guess fair is a word I could use to describe it; today the weather was nice and sunny. Clear blue skies, warm! Lovely!
I set off out just before lunch to go to my favourite woods, but there was no where to park so I turned back with the intention of going back just before tea. I did think to myself as I was driving out the first time that the light was a bit, well, bright. So it worked out for the best as when I got there a bit later on I managed to snap these : )



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I believe that you feel things more acutely when you are feeling vulnerable, those times when you need that little bit extra support are the times when if someone lets you down you feel it all the more.
At present this is something which I can relate to. It takes a lot for me to admit that I need help; and normally I do myself more damage by doggidly sticking with something, rather than admitting I need a helping hand. More often that not if someone realises that I need a hand – and offers one – I bat it away.
I’m stubborn, and at times this can be my downfall.

Never alone

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I hate it when it’s a weekend and your alarm is not set but you wake up early anyway even though you have been stupidly tired all week. This morning I woke up at 730. I laid there for a bit, then ideas came popping into my head. This was one of them, the idea that you should always have your own back.
I know some people are their own worst enemy, but if you can’t rely on yourself then who can you rely on?
: )
Happy weekend folks!

Observing the subtle changes

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I love autumn.
Today I am feeling a lot better. I went to get my car MOT’d and whilst I waited I went and took some shots in some woods next to the place that does it.
Just being out in nature really cleared my head : ) I need to remember this when things get tough. Now back to watching season 7 of Dexter!

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Today was the second of my time-for-shots shoots with the lovely Emma.
I’d never met Emma before she messaged me, nor do we have any friends in common etc so she was a total stranger. I’m very shy so this is quite an achievement for me to go out and meet someone new, let alone photograph them and give them direction.
I’ve found though that I have become more confident in directing people; I don’t know if this is because I have gained more confidence in myself as a photographer, or because I have found a style I am happy with and I know what I want the shots to look like.
Anyway, there is another shot to go with this one which I will add later on when I have finished it, but for now I think I have earnt a little break.

Many hands make light work

Today has seen me trying some new things in post processing. This is the second edit I did, which is more or less unheard of for me, and I’ve spent nearly 4 hours on the two shots in total.

Normally I have a clear idea, and I know what I need to do in shot to achieve as close to it as possible so that I don’t have to spend hours editing in post.
Today I wanted to try out new things, which always makes the process that little bit more difficult.

This is pretty much what I had in mind though, so I am glad that I got there; however as these things I imagine (seriously I can never spell that word) that I will improve on the techniques and end up not liking this one too much.
With the first edit I made everything vastly over complicated. I had head, six hands, hair all from different shots to try and achieve what I had in mind when I set out 100%.
It wasn’t working so I started again using different images and ended up with this.

Happy to have tried new things ^-^

I’ve been feeling quite inspired by ideas these last two days; I don’t know if it’s being off work which has caused it but I’ve had so many that I’ve had to start writing them all down again.
I normally have a very good memory and so I think up everything I need for a shot (props, lighting, location) and then just run with it – no need to write anything down. But there comes a point where I have that many ideas that I have to write them down because my brain becomes over saturated with concepts and ideas and snippets that I end up forgetting some of them.

Since I’ve changed styles, or should I say found myself stylistically, I often wonder if I should use other people in my work. Models, “regular Joes”… but I can never come to any kind of conclusion. Sometimes yes it would be easier to use someone else. But. I enjoy using myself. Not in an egotistical way, because a lot of the time I’m fairly small in the frame or you can’t see my face. I think I enjoy putting myself in the shot because then I am a part of it, a part of the other place inside the camera where life is infinity more interesting. More majestic.
I guess I am creating places where I want to be, and this is why I can’t seem to not use myself in the shot. I want to be able to physically  see myself in these mystical places. I don’t want other people to intrude in my personal space (metaphorically speaking).


I had loads of fun shooting this today.
I went down to the woods for an hour on my own, I got the shot within the first 5 or so but was having so much fun I just carried on!

It has been over cast all day, and the woods was much darker than I anticipated when I was actually underneath the trees, but at least the lighting was consistent.