Spring Tulips

Today I return to the comfort of flowers and low key. Still very tired.


Today I spent most of the morning reading a book (hurray!).
This afternoon I went out and bought the following…
A Kindle (I don’t really like e-readers, its all about the feel and smell of a book, but we have no space in our house for any more books! : ( )
A sideboard and matching table set (How very grown up)
Some flowers (The tulips are new, the others are what is left of the stolen wedding flowers from last week).


Standing out in the crowd

Not too impressed with these tulips, they’ve not really opened up, and the stems are starting to wilt (for want of a better word) yet the petals look fine.
Might move them to the window ledge


I seem to be mad keen on black and white at the moment (or variations within this theme).
At the moment I am writing a list of ideas of photographs and places to go and photograph for next years Project 365 ^_^


I really went through a flower photography phase in spring, then totally fell out of love with photographing flowers. Now the days are drawing in, I’m really wishing there were more flowers to photograph!

I love flowers, and I miss them in my garden 😦

I love flowers (after many years of hate)

When I was growing up I was a tom boy. A really big tom boy in fact. All my friends were boys and we would play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or cars or climb trees. I used to love football and regularly go to matches and play on the field with my friends and male family members. I distinctly remember once the boys who lived next to my cousin (who were a good few years older than me, I must have been about 13 and at a guess they would have been about 16) saying “Whose that girl, she’s alright at footie”. Because I was!

If we went to McDonalds I’d always make my mum go back to swap the toy for the boys toy and I never had any make up or dolls. I hated flowers and anything pink.

As I’ve grown up I’ve usually found it easier to talk to males rather than females, and I’m still tom boy ish (Although recently I’ve started wearing dresses, but that is a very recent development!). Compared to other females I guess I’m really still a tom boy, just maybe a tom boy in disguise now.

Even though I started to act a bit more girly in my early 20s, I never had a fondness for flowers – that is until I got my own house. A garden hadn’t really been a priority when we were house hunting. I wanted one but I didn’t garden nor did I have any interest in it so it didn’t need to be a big one, just something to sit in to have the occasional BBQ.

Since moving out I’ve developed a love for gardening and flowers in general. So I guess it’s never too late to change your ways 😛


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