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Last year I noticed these purple flowers. They’re probably weeds, and at the end of summer/ mid Sept they crop up. Near where I live there is a woods within walking distance. Towards the edge of the woods there is a clearing where these flowers grow over hip height and as no one really goes in these woods (apart from me I assume) so they are undisturbed.

Last year I had a shot in mind – I really can’t remember what the shot was now – but for whatever reason I never got around to taking it. Last weekend I noticed that they were out in bloom, then as I had  shot in mind for Sunday anyway I forgot about them until yesterday when I drove a different way home and saw some at the side of the road.

Bed of flowers

Bed of flowers // 20 04 14110 // 365

Day 9 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 9: My living room, UK

The weather this morning was miserable. It rained a bit, so I decided to stop in and shoot this. Also planning on shooting after midnight tonight (as technically that will count as tomorrows shot).

Hope the weather picks up, but I’m pretty sure the forecast is for it to remain miserable all week (Cloudy = good, rainy = bad).


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Today it was supposed to chuck it down with rain and be really windy all day. In actual fact it was quite all right in the morning/early afternoon; it was overcast and somewhat windy, but that’s OK by me.

I’ve had this shot in mind for a while now, but the sunflowers were something which came to mind when I realised that the conditions today were ideal for shooting it. I really, really love sunflowers – I have three tattooed on my leg quite large after all!

Laying like that proved to be more difficult that I had initially imagined, and I felt myself thinking “this would be so much easier if you had a model!” but there we go. I really like this shot.
To me it symbolises a hope through adveristy; even though you are broken you can focus on the positives, get back on your feet and fix yourself. Regardless of the obstacles if you persevere you will get there.

In the afternoon I went to my grandma and grandad’s; they have the best garden for autumn – loads of fruit : D


Only the best will do

Only the best will do

This was a bit too difficult to do in terms of being completely alone. Below where I was sat was brambles, so every time I wanted to get down I had to put my shoes on, and I needed to get down every time I chucked the flowers.
I’d envisioned my chucking arm being lower and the flowers being more falling, but it was warm and if I am going to be totally honest I got fed up quite quickly of putting my boots on, jumping down, carefully picking up the flowers, climbing back up, taking boots off – for every single shot.