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Suburban Sunset

187 // Suburban Sunset

187 // 365

Today I finally got my own way… We put the tent up (to air it out and check for holes etc). We’re off to Bloodstock Open Air festival next month, and the putting up of the tent ceremony is something I always kind of look forward to. I’m not sure why I look forward to it, but I do!

Tent is fine, and all packaged up again. In my excitement I started writing lists of what we need to buy for the festival, then went out and bought some of it! hahah ❤

Don’t look back

Don't look back002 // 365

In life, so many of us spend so long pondering over things which have been done; things which we have no control over, no power over to change. Instead of wondering ‘what if’ we should learn from our mistakes and successes and move forward. Use that which has been done before to make sure that we do it better next time.

I’m very much a ‘yeah whatever’ kind of girl. It takes a lot to really annoy me, but then once I am really annoyed it takes me a long time to get over it. For most things though I tend to shrug stuff off, have a nap and move on.

I live my life by the policy of I would much rather regret something which I did, than something which I did not do.

With me in the picture is Flopsy Bunny.
Flopsy Bunny is the first toy I ever bought myself. I spent all of my ‘holiday money’ (as given to my by my mum and dad) on Flopsy when I was little.
Flopsy has …issues.
I used to love rubbing things which were silky, and so poor Flopsy has no fur on her neck because I rubbed it away! As a consequence of this, Flopsy’s head is, well, flopsy.

As well as doing a project 365, this year I am also undertaking a 100x project. This means that you take 100 shots on a theme (Even if the theme is just that they are all good). My theme is conceptual work; but they have to be good (well good to me at least). So far both 365 shots have also made it into the 100x project as well, so the year is off to a good start. I have 2 definite other shots planned before back to the grind stone; and a third which will have to depend on the weather.
I took my flash gun out with me for this but didn’t need it (See what that is, that’s me making an effort to meet my goals for the year ;-)).
So pleased with the flare

These woods are so close to my house, but for whatever reason I’ve never walked there. Today I was good and walked : ) No idea why I haven’t walked before, except for the obvious reason that before I’ve always taken a chair or a stool or something with me, but I don’t know why I’ve not just gone to take pictures.
Maybe that could be another goal for the year – be less lazy! 🙂

The Fallen

The Fallen

302 // 365
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This is nowhere even close to what I had in mind for today, but it rained most of the day; and when it wasn’t raining it was brilliant sunshine making the shot I originally planned couldn’t be done!


301 // 365

Damp. It rained a lot of the day but then the sun came out (although it spent a lot of time playing behind clouds). It’s not often that I use the sun in a shot with me in it (mainly due to compositional problems and what not, hard to be behind the camera and in front of the camera at the same time 😉 ) but I decided to go for it this time as the tree was a massive help.
I couldn’t jump/pull myself up but I had managed to talk kB into coming out for the walk, so he hoisted me up and passed me cups and saucers 🙂

Staring at the sun

Staring at the sun

Having a lovely sunny bank holiday weekend here! It was predicted to rain here today (where it is now Monday and I am late posting yesterdays photo up!) but nope, another day of happy sunshine! ^_^
Yesterday we had a BBQ – first of the year! Then we went to our friends and they all watched the Grand Prix and I popped out to Greno Woods for an hour.
I was having a real bad day yesterday with my knees as I’d sat crossed legged for an hour or so whilst dying my hair in the morning. They seem to be a lot better this morning though!

Now to decide what to wear! Dress? Shorts? Skirt? So many summer choices! (I’m not normally like this, but I live in the UK and this is quite possibly it for summer so one needs to make the most of ones summer wardrobe whilst the sun is actually out 😛 )

Botanical Gardens, Sheffield

Botanical Gardens, Sheffield

(& my mums garden!)
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Today has been lovely. Warm, sunny, blue skies!
I have lazed in the garden, been out for sushi and then had a little stroll around the botanical gardens in town before then walking to M&S and buying some wasabi peas.
When I got to the botanical gardens I switched my camera on and got a “Battery Depleted” message. Grrrr! Managed about 4 shots (turned it off and on again and it worked even though the battery light was on red!) before calling it quits. I normally have about 2 spare sets on me, but noooooo not today booo : (
Tomorrow, we shall have a BBQ then kB shall watch the grand prix whilst I go out to take photos.