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Today I got up super early with my assistant (kB), and we went to the Peak District for a photo shoot with a band. They wanted moody shots, but the sun was shining! Grr! We found some shade and shot in there 🙂

World of my own

I needed to go out for a walk this evening. Sometimes it just clears the head. It was raining quite hard for most of the later afternoon/early evening though, so it wasn’t looking likely. I waiting until after tea, then even though it was still drizzling decided to go out anyway.

Plan one was ruined as where I had intended to go was flooded; plan two was ruined because they had put up new fencing. Grrr.

This is another fisheye shot, just from when I was out there. I got soaked because the wild flowers/grass came up to my head in places (I’m fairly tall at 5 foot 10!) but it worked and I felt better for getting out of the house. kB says it is odd how we bought a house but I get cabin fever and want to get out; truth be told I have always been like this so it’s not odd for me at all.

The six week holidays are coming up quickly and they can’t get here fast enough. I am utterly fed up with work at the moment and need a break from it.

Cloud spotting

I’m ready for surrealist June to be over. I’ve been enjoying it mostly, but tonight I just can’t be bothered. I’ve got ideas but it’s too much effort putting them all together.
This is the main pit fall with a photo a day project, even when you CBA you still have to take a photo and put it up. Urgh.
Anyway, another fisheye shot. Of which going outside to take this has made my hay fever kick in.

Down in the forest

I made a commission on one of my shots the other week so decided, after much deliberation, to spend it on a fisheye lens. I was considering a UWA but went with a fisheye in the end, figured it suits my current style better, and this is the kind of style I want to work with more.

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