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Day 3: The Golden Circle

Geysir // 31 12 14 365 // 365

So that is it for 2014! I’m doing a 365 again next year so I’ll be posting again tomorrow.
We are in Iceland, and there were a hell of a lot of fireworks going off earlier, now most people are inside watching something on the TV and the fireworks will kick back off again at about 1130.

Today we have been on the Golden Circle tour, which involved a random stop off at a tomato green house, the geysier, gullfuss water fall and thingvellir national park.
The weather was lovely, and on the way home it started to uber snow. Luckily it has stopped now and it is time for the fireworks.
Geysir pr. II
A little bit annoyed that the northern lights tour was cancelled again, but the sky is clear, but at the same time the fireworks have been epic so it’s not all bad.
Fireworks and the sun voyager

Bonfire Night!

There are loads of fireworks going off outside, I’m sat in the spare room (study basically) with the lights off and blinds open all like 😀
There’s a house a couple of doors down with a fire too, outside smells like bonfire night.

We were supposed to be saving the sparklers until Monday but it had to be done, went outside for 5 mins and danced around. Wrapped up super silly warm (coat, scarf, ear muffs, gloves) because I’m already ill. Now I think a hot chocolate is in order ^_^