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Cosy by the Fire

Our heating broke on Tuesday, and we’re still waiting for someone to come with the replacement parts! Grr. So the fireplace has been seeing a lot of action this last week.

At first it was pretty bad and we were cold all the time; but seem to have gotten used to it …

Cosy by the fire



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First time trying out this technique, took some doing but I’m fairly happy with it (and somewhat fed up of being sat at my computer).
This shoot was done in the most backwards way imaginable. I was so excited about wrapping bandages around my head that I did that first… Then went to find my wig… Then set up my tripod and lighting… Then put the black backdrop up. I seriously need to think things through before I execute them 😛

When questions need answering // 23 12 13

When questions need answering // 23 12 13

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I cannot believe it is Christmas Eve tomorrow.
As is mine and kB’s tradition we shall have special sausage sandwiches (This year we have reindeer sausages!! So I apologise if Santa doesn’t make it, I have eaten Rudolph…) and then as is family tradition we shall go to the cinema.
This year we shall see The Hobbit part 2.
Then all back to mine and kB’s for pizza and snacks and beer… and then get too excited to go to sleep because PRESENTS.

Of watching life flash before your eyes

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I am part of a little photography group, and this evening we went wire wool spinning : ) I’ve been twice before but I’ve always just gone to take a shot for my project rather than to play around at it. It was very fun; as was getting to have a look at some of the graffiti on display in the abandoned building we were in.
We were all responsible adults, and even had a fire extinguisher on hand for worse case scenarios – which thankfully was not needed.

You can find more shots on my Facebook page.