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New drone <3


Whilst in Devon I flew my drone for the first time in a long while. I will admit I have always been a nervous flyer of my drone, but for whatever reason whilst I was in Devon I just kind of went for it in some places. I particularly don’t like flying it where there are people, but some of the places where we went it was just me and kB, so out it came.

Bluebells at Sunset

When we came back, I realised that part of the issue is that my drone is very much a “toy”. The range isn’t great, the controller connection to the drone becomes weak often and error messages appear… So after a bit of research I bought a new drone… Video below!

Sunset over fields of sunshine

Sunset over Fields of Sunshine

This is a couple of weeks old now. For some reason I forgot to post it on here. I think it’s the lack of routine with not posting every day that does it!

It’s half term now though so I’m going to try and shoot every day if I can. I’ve done today’s photos, and I’ll post them tomorrow.


Since then I’ve been on the Featured thingy on WordPress, so gained a few new followers (hello!) and loads of comments and likes on the post about Holland. Kind of wish I’d put more effort into the actual blogging side of it, but then again this isn’t about me writing epic tales, it’s about photos. So. Whatever.


Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking // 12 02 15071 // 365

On the way home I went to go and take some photos, I had a vague idea of what I was aiming for but what I had not expected was finding a skull in a field. So naturally it had to get used in a shot!

I also took it home (as you do) but I didn’t really want to touch it, so I carried it all the way back to the car park on the end of a stick hahahaha. Luckily most people would still be at work, so the land I was walking through (which can normally be quite busy with people jogging/cycling/walking dogs) was quite empty. There was a couple behind me (who totally must’ve seen I had a skull on a stick), and a couple who walked past me with their dog… The woman with the dog stared intently at the dog/floor, and the younger woman she was with gave me a nervous kind of half smile …:-P

Fragments of reality

Fragments of reality // 10 03 15

069 // 365

I got up at 6 so that I could shoot this, it was a total miscalculation as I kind of forgot to take into account that the sun wouldn’t peek over the trees from where I was stood until well after it had technically risen… So I was stood about for a bit. Plus the battery in my remote shutter started to work intermittently.

As I packed up to return back to my car, I noticed a car pulled over in a bus lane. As I got closer two people got out of it, which obviously made me more than a bit on edge. Turns out they’d seen me in the field and thought it was a bit odd (young lady, alone, in a random field, early in the morning) and wanted to know if I needed a lift somewhere! I explained I was OK and that I’d just been taking photos and thanked them – random acts of kindness FTW though 🙂

Where lost girls dwell

Where lost girls dwell // 08 06 14159 // 365

After yesterdays rather confused climate, today is in so far lovely. Warm, sunny and a little bit of a breeze. We went out to do a weird shoot on the train tracks but it was too sunny really for me to get what I was going for – and the clouds weren’t really blocking the sun very much. I would like to point out that they are disused railway lines – disused for quite a while I suspect as there are trees growing in the middle of them in places!

On the way down I’d spotted some poppies next to a field, so on the way back I pulled over! ^_^

And then the rain came down

And then the rain came down // 07 06 14158 // 365

Today the weather has been very strange. It has gone through super heavy rain, normal rain, brilliant sunshine, showers…

The weather report said the weather was supposed to be really bad all day, but it cleared up around tea time and after tea I managed to go outside and shoot this on the field next at the end of my road. Unfortunately quite literally just as I was setting up it started to rain again. I ended up putting my jacket over my camera and shooting about 7 shots before walking home again!