No way back

No way back // 28 03 15

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Finally starting to feel better today! Hurray!

I think I’m going to try the same challenge I set myself last Easter holidays… Try to take a photo in a different location every day.
Day 1; Location 1: Local flood land.

Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking // 12 02 15071 // 365

On the way home I went to go and take some photos, I had a vague idea of what I was aiming for but what I had not expected was finding a skull in a field. So naturally it had to get used in a shot!

I also took it home (as you do) but I didn’t really want to touch it, so I carried it all the way back to the car park on the end of a stick hahahaha. Luckily most people would still be at work, so the land I was walking through (which can normally be quite busy with people jogging/cycling/walking dogs) was quite empty. There was a couple behind me (who totally must’ve seen I had a skull on a stick), and a couple who walked past me with their dog… The woman with the dog stared intently at the dog/floor, and the younger woman she was with gave me a nervous kind of half smile …:-P

Snowy Sunset in Sheffield

Today it snowed. There wasn’t a snow day however 😦 but still, I always enjoy a spot of snow. Sensing that an opportunity would present itself at some point in the day for photography I took my camera to work with me and ended up stopping off at “the usual” on the way back from work, about 20 mins before sunset. This wasn’t the shot I was going for, especially since I have taken a shot like this before (except this one has added snow!) and I only took this one as a (half) joke to myself – grabbing the same shot in the same place at the same time of day but under different weather conditions. As tends to be the case with these of things I ended up liking this shot the best!

As I am prepared girl I check the weather forecast a lot. Sometimes it is right, sometimes it is not…
All week it has been saying it will be a nice day today, so I decided to take my camera to work so that if I left at the earliest possible opportunity I could go somewhere local and take sunset photos.

January Sunset



As the weather forecast looked for the morning I decided to get up early and go for a little walk. This was taken where I normally go to take photos when I can’t be bothered to travel too far but want to be outside, except this time I went a different route and found some nice potential spots for future photos (weather/lighting conditions weren’t right today).

For 2013, my photography resolutions are:

  1. Put more effort into getting shots straight in camera
  2. Clean kit after outdoor use (or if indoor use meant it might get mucky). Every time
  3. If you know the photo wont work, don’t snap it (I’ve gotten better at this but I still take shots that I know wont work “just to see”)

First photo for the new year 🙂

Only 354 more to go … 😉


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