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Do not disturb

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OMG bed time ❤

So tired. I had a training course in Leeds today, and I didn’t really know where I was going. I had a sta nav, but I don’t know my left from my right and I don’t really know how far “In 200 meters, turn left” is so I kind of just ignore it a bit, get lost, then get paniky because I’m lost. Today I did not get lost! Woo!

Very tired though, not driven so far in a long time and it’s made my hips hurty 😦

When leaves fall

When leaves fall

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Tomorrow is my grandmas birthday, so we went to my mums for dinner. These delicious red leaves had grown through the fence from next door and I decided to brave the rain and go out and pick some!
The weather forecast it looking rather glum for the next few weeks – it rained all yesterday and a massive chunk of today (though annoyingly it cleared just before sunset). I hate being stuck inside : (

Yesterday’s photo involved the horse chestnuts I pulled over and collected on Friday. Going to have to play conkers with them soon ^_^

Heading towards autumn

Heading towards autumn

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When I got back into work this morning it felt like I had never left! A 12 hour day, followed by being back in work 12 hours later = meh. Add into that the fact I think I’m getting a touch of woman flu ….

Anyway; at the weekend when I took the double me shot I found some mushrooms and picked them. I put them in my bag with all my leaves (leaves now in the bird cage in the shot) and forgot about them.
I had noticed that my car was smelling a bit funky, but I didn’t really think much of it until this morning when I realised the mushrooms must be going funny! I dug around in the leaf bag (which I’d kept in my car) and they had started to go mouldy .. mmmm nice ❤

The paths we walk

The paths we walk

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Nine days to go until day 1000 of taking a photo every day.
Today has been a rough day at work, but it has been lovely to come home and put creativeLIVE on and be inspired by other people.
I love checking out the work of others, but it’s really hard to not look at others work which is better than yours and then feel upset because you think you will never be that good!