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For the first time in a long time I quite simply had no time or ideas to shoot today.
I really need to get my brain in gear for these long winter nights now!


Carnage // 23 08 14235 // 365

When we returned from Italy, we were met with a scene of carnage on the back garden. Clearly something, maybe a cat or those eagles we have in our area (hahahaaha, totally a kestrel or something) had gotten hold of a pigeon.
There were feathers and bits of muscle in a huge pile in the middle of the garden – lovely!

Left behind

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facebook page.

Went out with the photography group again today; it started out a bit overcast but ended up being really nice!
I do, however, really need to learn to listen to my own body and turn back when I’ve done too much.
Two pictures here, there are more on my Facebook page though.

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