The Poisoned Apple

Today me and kB have been dating for 8 years 🙂
We went out for sushi again, seeing as the first sushi was bad then I had a chocolate mousse/muffin thing for afters – yummy!

Had a nice productive morning buying some things for my trip to France later in the month, then we went and shot this after sushi.
Turns out that I did break my lens when I dropped my camera so today has also been a tad on the expensive side :-/

Tale as old as time

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Busy day; my cars breaks needed replacing, but it ended up being a bigger job as my uncle (who is a mechanic) found a couple of other things which needed replacing so he sorted that out.
By the time I had gotten home it was almost time to go back out for a meal. Me and kB have almost been together for 8 years and today we decided to go out a couple of days early for a meal.
The meal was sushi, as we have a favourite sushi place in town but like to try out the other spots. Turns out this one was a bit naff, but we laughed about it so all is well 🙂 We can say we have been!

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