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Long boat

Longboat // 09 03 15

068 // 365

Sometimes I just have no ideas that I can be bothered to execute, and no motivation to do much. Today was kind of one of those days. Monday’s are busy; 2 hours of exercise and I need to wash my hair. That doesn’t leave much time for a shot.
When these earrings came through the post I kind of knew I wanted to shoot them, but this was the best I could think of. I think it was one of those shots that I didn’t really think all the way through to how it would actually look as an image, other than the earring being in focus.

Anyway, shot before work, edited after exercise, now time for shower.

Tomorrow I plan on getting up before sunrise to shoot the sunrise at this place near my house that has pylon-y things. The sun rises right behind them so it might look cool, we’ll see!