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Coming undone

Coming undone // 24 04 15

114 // 365

After my dry spell of literally no motivation or ideas, I felt motivated yesterday and this morning to shoot something a bit more conceptual. I had no clear idea on either day what I wanted to do exactly, but I picked up some props and went out with my (more or less traditional) 10 minutes before work. I went to the same place both days, it is on the way to work; I just have to pull over hop out of the car, walk about 30 steps and I have fields, bushes and trees – whichever I want!

Yesterday I was behind some bushes (that sounds a bit dodgy : P ), and today my camera was just in front of the bushes, so I was quite literally 10 steps away from where I was the day before.

I had no idea where I was going with this, but I’d half edited it on break/lunch and I knew that I wasn’t 100% happy with it when I left work. I did have a back up shot that I am more than happy with though so I wasn’t too worried. Another thing which was somewhat out of the ordinary was that it was sunny when I went out, and I knew it would remain sunny. For shots like this I almost never shoot when the sun is out (save sunset/sunrise) but I thought I’d try it to see what would happen.

Then, as we were watching Masterchef suddenly loads of ideas started coming to me. No idea where from, as Masterchef doesn’t exactly scream creative art just fancy plate arrangements, but I’m not complaining! ^_^ I originally had this idea for another shot, but as soon as I got upstairs and flipped it upside down I knew this was something which would work with it – the blank over exposed sky was just screaming for some dust : P

Return to dust

Return to dust // 19 02 15050 // 365

Had this shot in mind for a while, but kept putting it off. I’d decided that I was doing it today the other day, but then of course it rained all day. Never one to be put off by a bit of rain I shot it anyway… 🙂

Looking forward to going to York tomorrow :-B

Here is some Moonsorrow goodness (kB *hates* them and he is not looking forward to seeing them at all *bwa hahaha*) from when we saw them at Bloodstock in 2012. kB hated them then, he hates them now. Yet he shall have to watch them tomorrow. Hopefully the sound will be better!

I always try to find myself in these videos, not that I’ve ever managed to, but I can tell you exactly where I was stood….

Quite looking forward to stopping in a hotel when we do Bloodstock this year, gammy joints totally winning there as it’s so not metal to stop in a hotel, but joint pain is a valid reason to sleep in a bed not on the floor.
Having said that I quite like camping at BOA, and will miss the traditional Thursday night/Friday morning BBQs, the overwhelming amount of Haribo consumed at literally any time of day or night no questions asked, and warm cider.

Dust yourself off and try again

Dust yourself off and try again

fb page.

This was a lot of fun but at the same time quite frustrating. To avoid making a big mess we went to an abandoned building not far from my house, and when we got there only one of my flash units worked consistently which was a bit of a bummer. We didn’t get that many shots because we ran out of flour – but it is something that I will be revisiting!