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Of deepest torment

Of deepest torment035 // 365

I’ve not really been feeling myself these last two days. I’ve been getting a lot of headaches at work and by the time I’ve gotten home I’m fed up. By the time I’ve cooked tea I have got my PJs on. More than sure it will pass soon and that I just need some time to myself and a lie in 🙂


Trapped in a dream

307 // 365
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That awkward moment when you buy a second hand vintage dress off of eBay and it’s far too small for you… : P

306 // 365

Super quick snap before I went out to Damnation festival (yesterday). Had a jolly good time, but somehow managed to get into the building without showing anyone my ticket then had to ask security to let me out so that I could go back in and get a wrist band! Rather annoyingly the only place which checked for wrist bands were the smaller stages so had I wanted to spend all day at the main stage I could have not paid and got in.

305 // 365

The Fallen

The Fallen

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This is nowhere even close to what I had in mind for today, but it rained most of the day; and when it wasn’t raining it was brilliant sunshine making the shot I originally planned couldn’t be done!


301 // 365

Damp. It rained a lot of the day but then the sun came out (although it spent a lot of time playing behind clouds). It’s not often that I use the sun in a shot with me in it (mainly due to compositional problems and what not, hard to be behind the camera and in front of the camera at the same time 😉 ) but I decided to go for it this time as the tree was a massive help.
I couldn’t jump/pull myself up but I had managed to talk kB into coming out for the walk, so he hoisted me up and passed me cups and saucers 🙂



I had loads of fun shooting this today.
I went down to the woods for an hour on my own, I got the shot within the first 5 or so but was having so much fun I just carried on!

It has been over cast all day, and the woods was much darker than I anticipated when I was actually underneath the trees, but at least the lighting was consistent.

Nothing like a good book

I’ve been pondering this type of shot for a while, and then one of my Flickr chums did one as part of his Project 365, and I decided it was time to pull my finger out and give it a go myself.

This is no where near the original idea I had, but I spent a lot of last night trying to get the other idea to work and it just wasn’t happening, so I decided to go with this instead. I think a lot of these type of shots come down to having somewhere nice to take the photo. Nice and spacey. The inside of my house is not what I would call spacey for laying down vertically.