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Ever year for as long as I have worked there I have driven past this massive horse chestnut tree at the side of the road.
When ever I see something like this I always end up talking myself out of doing it. Today, none of this talking myself out of it crap. I was pulling over into the pub car park and picking the cr*p out of those horse chestnuts.
I have a right haul and I didn’t even take that many in comparison to how many were there! I had a little bag at hand, and was over joyed at the sheer number on the floor, as well as some which were still in cases/half in cases.
Looking forward to shooting with them, they are so shiny!!

Cradling the future

262 // Cradling the future by Manadh
262 // Cradling the future, a photo by Manadh on Flickr.

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I want to give my hand shots a series title but I can’t think of a name for them.
I’m so tired, I went to bed at 830 last night and could have slept on if my alarm hadn’t woken me up! I think it’s the six week holidays catching up with me as well as the fact it is so dark so early now. It’s even pretty dark when I get up in a morning now.
As much as I do love autumn, I don’t like how dark it gets!

In darkness look for the light

In darkness look for the light

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Tired, hurty, fed up.
Words which describe me at the minute. I’m having a lot of leg/hip pains. I’ve had a headache for two days now. Tired all the time.
Probably just coming down with something but feeling quite low at the moment (physically) and I think today and yesterdays shots reflect that.

In other news enjoying TesseracT’s new album, and I think I shall go to bed now.