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061 // 365

First time I’ve tried something like this. Normally when I composite things, all of the elements were taken together at the same time and then composited later. This involved a background taken 2 weeks ago, me taken this morning, antlers are stock…
It was a bit of a challenge to say the least, and I’m not amazingly happy with it, but it will do (That and the fact I’m fed up of being on my computer!)

Storm in a teacup

Storm in a cup

The amount of times I have typed “coup” instead of cup.
Anyway, sealed a deal this week (photographically speaking) and kB has got the green light to start writing up his thesis, so we went out for sushi treat tea and then came back and watched GoT and I tried Rekorderlig Passionfruit. It was most agreeable.

Outside of work, this week has been full of the victories. Most appropriate.