Reflections // 10 01 1602 // 52

We (kB and I) have decided that as part of my Project 52 we will go on a walk once a month (at least) to a different place each time and then go for a pub lunch.

Even though last weekend we went out for photo number 1 in the series, we decided to go out again this weekend. Mainly because I was going to go out anyway, and I think kB wanted a pub lunch. Besides we didn’t go out after we’d shot last weeks photo as we were a bit damp so we just came straight home.

The pub we went to is called The Norfolk Arms, and I think we got there at just about the right time as people couldn’t get a seat about 10 minutes after we had ordered. We’ve driven past this pub loads of times, but it was the first time we’ve been inside it.
kB ordered a New York Deli burger and I have a mushroom thing, as the soup of the day was Carrot and Coriander, and I don’t like coriander.
Anywhoo it was very nice and as I pointed out to kB on the way home this time next week the walk and pub location will be in Loch Lomond as we’ll be half way to Skye!


Derwent in the Rain // Project 52 Week 1

Derwent in the Rain // 03 01 1601 // 52
Derwent Reservoir, Derbyshire

For the next year, Project 52 (a photo a week) will be about the Changing Seasons.
After working out when a week should start for this project I’ve decided on Sunday, as there are 52 Sunday’s in the year.

In order to meet the ground running on this I’ve been stalking the BBC weather app for today’s weather forecast all week; and it hasn’t looked good all week. We decided to go out anyway this morning, so we kitted up with my water proof camera cover and out we went.
We didn’t stop long as it was really raining, but I was surprised how busy it was as we struggled to get parked around Ladybower. The original plan had to go somewhere more barren but that normally means heather and I didn’t fancy getting soaked up to my knees.

Where possible I’m going to get out and shoot a landscape at least once a month, and hopefully each time will be a different location. These things are easier said than done though!


King of the Moorlands

King of the Moorlands // 11 10 15// // 365

The general rule is (or so I’ve heard) that you are better off going to shoot the deer first thing in the morning. This is because they are less cautious then. As the day progresses people walk over the land where they live, and bring dogs with them.
This morning however I wanted a lie in, so I decided to go and look for the deer at 12ish. They weren’t that cautious! 🙂Hazy Afternoons//


Sunrise and Stags

Stag at sunrise // 20 09 15263 // 365

Got up at 5.
Drove to Longshaw Estate and met up with some photo peeps for the first deer photo session of the season.
Misty sunrise.
Took back up shot involving floaty dress (not needed) just in case. This involved taking my watch off.
A wild stag appears!
In the excitement forget all about watch as pack up and move to another location.
Almost back at car. Remember lost watch. Trudge all the way back up to attempt to find watch.
Search frantically for 10 minutes in heather and long grass but cannot find watch.
Remember watch sync’s with phone.
Turns on phones Bluetooth. Watch sync’s up so must be close by. Search for another 10 minutes. Turn around in desperation about to give up – spots watch!
Walks back to car, herd of deer bounce across the path.
Shoot shot 3 (second below this text).
Return home.

tl;dr – Don’t take you watch off in moorlands leave it on the floor and forget about it.

Sunrise over the Big Moor

: )Misty mornings

The Milky Way

The Milky Way // 12 09 15// // 365
After failing to capture the Milky Way whilst on holiday in the Isle of Wight, I became a little bit obsessed with getting a shot of it back home. The problem is it’s very cloudy most of the time in England, and I was back at work. Tonight however the forces aligned. After a very wet morning (wherein kB was driving super cars around a track and I was stood watching in the rain!), it cleared up in the late afternoon and the weather man promised that the clouds would stay away until about 11pm. They did – huzzah!
It took me 45 minutes to drive here, and we arrived just as Astronomical Twilight was ending. The moon had already set at about the same time the sun set (which I find a bit weird) and the sky was clear. We only stopped for about an hour (a good chuck of which was stumbling around minding cow pats) but we could see the clouds creeping in over the horizon. Not that we wanted to stop any longer though, it was 4.5 degrees! So that’s another to tick off the to do list.
The only think I can think of that I want to shoot before the end of the year/365’s is a fox! Milky Way//

Windy days

Windy days // 19 08 15 231 // 365
This is the shot I’ve been trying to get out of the house and take for the last two days. It’s not 100% quite right, but not bad for a first attempt.

Windy days (Black and white)

Pale into insignificance

Pale into insignificance // 12 08 15

224 // 365

I didn’t even realise that there was supposed to be a meteor shower this evening. I’d asked a mate if they wanted to come and take star pictures with me, as it was on my to do list and the night was set to be clear.

We got there at sunset (it was a nice sunset!), and at about 11ish we decided we had had enough. The side of the hill we were on was packed. I just (stupidly!) thought that was standard procedure for a clear Wednesday night. No. Silly. When Igot home and went on Facebook I realised there is a meteor shower tonight. No idea what the lines in the shot are, very far away meteors? Planes? Aliens? Who knows! : )

Sunset over the Longshore Estate

Sunset over the Longshore Estate // 02 11 14306 // 365

After a week off it’s back to work tomorrow. I’ve been meaning to go to the deer’s again, hoping to catch them rutting but it wasn’t to be tonight. If I’m going to be honest I’d left it a bit late anyway, as I was hedging my bets on either getting a deer shot or getting a sunset shot, so I only got there an hour before sunset.

As we were driving up (as kB came with me this time) I was a bit dismayed about the cloud situation but it turned out that it didn’t really matter anyway. As we got to the ‘adder wall’ the sun was just setting (as below) and so I took loads of shots with my 500mm (this was *really* in the distance) as I planned to stitch them together, but it didn’t work out on the small screen… Maybe if someone wanted to put it on a really wide screen cinema screen it would look OK? 🙂

Sunset over the Longshore Estate (2)

Sunrise at the Big Moor

Sunrise at the Big Moor // 05 10 14278 // 365
This morning I got up at 6 to go and shoot the deer again. I know it’s still a little bit too early for rutting, but I wanted to go in the morning to see where they were and what the light was like etc. They were miles away! Grrrr.
As I was arriving there was another photographer just about to set off so we spoke to each other a bit then split up and rejoined when we got closer to the herd. Never met him before but he was jolly nice and even though I’d gone on my own thinking I’d prefer some alone time it was actually nice to have someone to talk to as we just talked about the deers. He was quite funny too, which helped 🙂

Mr Stag Jr

When we went last time we (could have but didn’t) followed the path, so this time that is where I started off; only they weren’t there. Deers could most defiantly be heard but not seen. So I carried on walking forwards and ended up over the hill and down in the valley. There were a million deer all over the place. I could see two large herds and four stage just from where I was stood at the top of the hill. I chose the herd which was closer to the road and branched that way (better lighting and also logistically more sensible).

They are so loud and run so quickly that at times I was a bit concerned; but on the whole they were more interested in each other than us.
.Doe on the move

The walk back was an epic disaster as I decided it would be quicker to march through the marsh land and heather than walk back on myself to get to the path. This wasn’t a great move, and I fell over, lol. I say lol now but at the time I was in pain (knees and hips), I was soaking wet from the dew and I was tired… so I actually just wanted to lie on the floor 😛

Mr Stag

I am indeed looking forward to going back in a week or so for the rut; though now I think about it it will be pretty epicly scary to witness. I’ve read online that the rutting is better towards the end of the season as the bigger stags are tired, and this rather nicely coincides with half term ^_^

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