Sunny afternoons

Sunny afternoons // 20 04 15110 // 365

Noticed that this bad boy had grown in my flower bed, so I decided to snoot him today. Also think I might have tomorrows photo sorted, and possibly that of the day after! Win!

The beauty in winter days

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In my front garden this morning whole, and half blown away when I got home : )

I have *started* to set up an online store where people can buy prints of my images should they want to; at the moment the only prints on there are the ones which are already printed out but it is a work in progress : )

Observing the subtle changes

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I love autumn.
Today I am feeling a lot better. I went to get my car MOT’d and whilst I waited I went and took some shots in some woods next to the place that does it.
Just being out in nature really cleared my head : ) I need to remember this when things get tough. Now back to watching season 7 of Dexter!

Drifting Away

I was sat in a field by myself. In one hand I grasped a dandelion, in the other my camera. Trying to maintain focus/composition, with a tremor, whilst waiting for the wind to pick up.
It’s highly probable that I looked like a loon 😛

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