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Look! I can float!

Had a really bad headache all day. Had a two hour nap and it still hurts now. Had the idea for this image when the tablets were working, then by the time it came to set it up, take it and edit it they were starting to wear off. Bed time now for me I think. Hope this is just a headache and not the start of a cold : (

Snowball Fight

Despite every school in the whole known universe being shut today because of snow, ours remained open. I got there for the usual time and then the head decided that we wouldn’t open until 11. Which made for a good 3 hours spare… So I made a little snowman called Steve and we had a snowball fight.

Week 3: In Review

Nothing to report here. After going through a very bad patch from April – the Christmas holidays, I think I’m now coming out of the other side. The pros outweigh the cons, I can leave work at 330, I get paid a decent wage and I get loads of holidays. All of these pros support a good out of work life style (assuming I stay on top of everything, being prepared and organised means that I have little to do outside of work).
I just need to stay positive, having so much outside of work free time means I can focus on photography and other things ^_^

In other semi school related things, I’m writing this on my Mac (which is school property). God do I hate the keyboard. Screw you shitty keyboard.

Me and my mum went to hula and we were the only two who turned up as it had snowed! This week I felt like it was a bit harder (I feel like I did more exercise) but at the same time easier (Having to rotate hips and walk was easier for example). Did my allotted two Pilates sessions, so all is good there.

New one added in here – I love reading but I seem to spend too much time flapping around not doing much online and it’s kind of fallen onto the back burner. I’m reading several books at the same time but the only book-for-fun is J V Jones’s book called Watcher of the Dead, and it is the fourth book in the Sword of Shadows series. They are OK, but I’m not devouring them like I do when I’m really enjoying a book.
Other books which I have on the go are photography books including one on black and white photography.

Another new category! It’s starting to get to me with kB working 7 days a week. We don’t seem to do anything as he is at uni for several hours, but mainly it’s that we can’t go anywhere. It’s my birthday on Wednesday and instead of going out on a night out, we’re going to Warwick Castle (weather permitting) but other than that we’ve not really done anything for months now.
Also, his feet have really started to smell. It’s really gross.

An OK week but there are some dips in this week, which is to be expected. What I find kind of positive though is that I would have been so happy with these “rubbish” shots this time last year – and I’m taking that in a positive light. I’ve gotten better at analysing my own work, and I can see that I have¬†progressed¬†both in terms of in camera capabilities and also during post processing.
I think I have decided that (birthday money permitting) I’m going to buy a 1:1 macro lens. I’m not expecting to get ¬£300 for my birthday! But if I get about half, then I’ll put the other half to it. Might have it by next weekend…. ^_^

Photography Highs: Trying out something which I don’t normally – a high key shot. Letting myself take shots which are a bit pants. This is an odd thing to put in as a high, but it means that I can let myself take shots which are a bit rubbish and not be too bothered about it. It’s an acceptance that I have progressed, but also that photography is only a hobby, and it’s OK to be a bit pants at certain times.

Photography Lows: Taking some rubbish shots. OK OK, let’s be honest it’s always disappointing to take a shot you are disappointed with something you have done.


Help! I’m all tangled up

I ended up going to my friends house straight from work and not getting home until after 7pm! Eeek!

That didn’t leave much time for photos, so I went for two classics combined: Danbo and bokeh lights.

Wanted the lights to be nice and big, so ended up stopping to f/1.4 which makes for a rather narrow DoF…