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Untitled // 04 09 14247 // 365
A night time shoot in Sheffield city centre with some photo friends. After bumping and scrunching my toe today I was in a lot of pain with it, and I was also rather tired so by the time I got there I was a bit grumpy. Being grumpy and socialising when you are already shy and anti-social is not the most award winning of situations, but still, there we go.
Drip drip drop


Wonder // 25 05 14145 // 365

Yesterday it rained so so much. Today it has rained on and off, so whilst it was ‘off’ I ventured into the garden with my favourite little man and got a few shots. I feel really tired today; I didn’t wake up until 1030 which is unusually late for me, then I went back to bed  at 1230 for 3 hours! I still feel tired now, and I’m hoping that it’s just because I did quite a bit yesterday.

Out and about

Out and about

058 // 365

Today has not been the best day. It was most certainly one of those days where were I not doing a project 365 I would have defiantly not picked up my camera. I really need to learn how to spell defiantly.
I spent a lot of the day watching video tutorials online with a massive headache.
I also ate the last of kB’s cereal (bwa hahaha it was tasty!) and had to go out to take my broken Nexus 7 back to the Amazon pick up point (and I bought kB some more cereal ;-)).
After drugging myself up to the eyeballs I dragged myself out to my parents house to explore the land at the end of their road. I’ve taken a few shots in it as there is normally overgrown grass and wild flowers and butterflies and bees and 🙂 🙂 ^_^
But not any more. I was more than a bit dismayed to find that fences had been put up, grass had been cut and trees chopped down 😦

The Humber Bridge

019 // 365

This morning I got up fairly early and went up to Humber Bridge. Humber Bridge is 2,220-metres long, and as such it is the seventh longest bridge of it’s type in the world. It is about an hours drive from me and I’ve never seen it before in person. We got up a couple of hours before sunrise and went up to see it. Unfortunately despite the weather reports (we checked a few!) saying that the weather would be reasonable, it was slightly misty, overcast and raining the entire time we were there and then when we were driving home the clouds started to break up and now it is quite a nice day! Grr. At least I can tick it off of my list of places to visit : )

018 // 365

I always find it disappointing when you get the weekend and it’s miserable and raining and end up shooting inside anyway!

The joys of the season

The joys of the season

276 // 365
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I spent most of the day excited by the overcast mistiness, only to be disappointed when I left work to find out that it was chucking it down with rain!
I flapped around, took four different kinds of shots and ended up with this, which ironically was the first idea I had when I realised it was raining. Lesson learnt – stick with your original idea!

I cooked toad in the hole for tea (that’s sausages in a Yorkshire Pudding) and it made it properly feel like autumn/winter. It’s a proper warm you up tea, and I think the last time I had it was just before my birthday. So weirdly eating it made me happy and a little bit excited, even though my birthday isn’t for 3 and a half months! hehe ^-^