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I was super excited about today’s shot. I raced home via the £1 shop to buy my props …annnnnd…. just nope.
I will try again on a non gym day, but total fail meaning I had to shoot this at 10 and I still haven’t had a shower!



Snowdrops // 16 02 15047 // 365
Today it rained in the morning, but then brightened up a bit in the afternoon. So we decided to go and see the snowdrops at Hodsocks Priory. We had a nice stroll around the snowdrop walk and the gardens for an hour ish, then came home.
Tomorrow the weather looks quite nice indeed, so I think we are going to Newstead Abbey. It’s weird kB being off with me!

Danbo came out and about too and he enjoyed exploring the different things ^_^



Lumos // 05 01 15005 // 365

I think Danbo was ready for us to go back to work so he could get up to more mischief around the house. I think he might have been watching too much Harry Potter…

Firework fun times

Firework funtimes // 01 11 14

305 // 365

In the UK it is bonfire night on Wednesday. It’s a bit of a strange one is bonfire night, as you set things on fire to celebrate someone (Guy Fawkes) not blowing up the Houses of Parliament. But anyway. Pretty fireworks yey! ^_^ Danbo was having fun

Untitled // 04 09 14247 // 365
A night time shoot in Sheffield city centre with some photo friends. After bumping and scrunching my toe today I was in a lot of pain with it, and I was also rather tired so by the time I got there I was a bit grumpy. Being grumpy and socialising when you are already shy and anti-social is not the most award winning of situations, but still, there we go.
Drip drip drop

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