Offering // 23 02 15054 // 365

Quite pleased with myself today; 30 minutes exercise bike, 30 minutes circuit training, 40+ minutes dancing.
We aimed to go to a tone and sculpt class, only to find out that the receptionist had told us it was on when in fact it had stopped running weeks ago. As we were already out and there was a clubercise (dancing in the dark with glowsticks! lol!) class on we decided to just go for it. Enjoyed it probably more than I should have. Will return…

Stand out from the crowd

044 // 365

I seem to have developed a bit of a phobia of colour. I had decided that I would shoot the daffodils again, but had fully intended to have it as a bright,happy, cheery shot… Until I started editing it…

Signs of spring041 // 365

Figured it was about time I mixed it up a bit. My images did start to get a bit dark and stay dark! : )
Does anyone else find that just looking at daffodils cheers you up? They are such a happy bright colour! ^_^

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