Carnations and Crochet

Little Tea CupDecided to start crocheting again. I tried a red panda but it didn’t really work out, and I was unsure if it was the pattern, or me, so I’ve crocheted a pattern from a book I’ve used before. I’ll give the red panda another go later. Carnation


Lumos // 05 01 15005 // 365

I think Danbo was ready for us to go back to work so he could get up to more mischief around the house. I think he might have been watching too much Harry Potter…

Firework fun times

Firework funtimes // 01 11 14

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In the UK it is bonfire night on Wednesday. It’s a bit of a strange one is bonfire night, as you set things on fire to celebrate someone (Guy Fawkes) not blowing up the Houses of Parliament. But anyway. Pretty fireworks yey! ^_^ Danbo was having fun


Wonder // 25 05 14145 // 365

Yesterday it rained so so much. Today it has rained on and off, so whilst it was ‘off’ I ventured into the garden with my favourite little man and got a few shots. I feel really tired today; I didn’t wake up until 1030 which is unusually late for me, then I went back to bed  at 1230 for 3 hours! I still feel tired now, and I’m hoping that it’s just because I did quite a bit yesterday.

In a tangle

In a tangle // 10 05 14130 // 365

Eurovision song contest tonight. It’s usually so bad that it is funny.
I was supposed to go on a band photo shoot in the woods; but originally it was too sunny, then it rained so we are trying again tomorrow.


Early mornings, Cleethorpes and Donna Nook (seals!)

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This morning I got up at 530 and went to Cleethorpes with my photography group. We met up at 7am, took some photos for an hour ish then got a coffee/tea/bacon sandwich before going to Donna Nook.
Donna Nook is a RAF training ground however there are times when the RAF cannot use this land… That is when the seals are out!
Every year in October – December Donna Nook is full of seals. They go there to give birth to their pups, and this morning there were loads of new born pups ^_^ Soooo cute.
We also saw some males fighting! : )

The Shell

Seal pup

Cleethorpes, Sunrise



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