A nice way to end a busy week // 11 04 14
101 // 365

End of a busy term, but now the Easter holidays are here.
I am going to attempt to take a photo in a different location every day for the next two weeks. This will obviously depend on the weather, and if I get a chance to go to places!

Tea for one

021 // 365
I worked out today (for no particular reason) that today is day 1117. That is a lot of days to have taken a picture for. Three and a bit years sounds like a long time, but 1117 days sounds like forever.

Feeling a bit out of touch with my photography for the last two days. I always find these winter months hard post Christmas. Too dark in a morning to shoot, too dark when I get in from work to shoot, and I feel like I have shot everything in the house before.
I’m sure it will pass though, especially as I am going away for the weekend on Friday ^_^ and(!) the excitement of it being my birthday on Thursday might spur me on towards the back of the week!

Cuppa Tea

Nothing beats a good cup of tea. I really look forward to coming home from work, mashing a cuppa and having some crackers with humus whilst I watch Neighbours.

In other news Flickr has changed. Seems to be a bit buggy. I like the layout for it, but I’m not convinced that they’ve made all the right changes to it but I’ve not used it much since the change. It was in massive need of a overhaul though as it looked seriously outdated!
Any other opinions?

Nothing like a nice warm cuppa

In the newest copy of the photography magazine I get every month, it showed you how to make shapes out of bokeh lights. This made me very excited. Very excited indeed.

This shot was set up and taken by me, using a manual focus lens and a remote shutter – quite impressed that I’m relatively in focus and the lights and mug line up ^_^

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