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It’s starting to drop cold, finally. I’m not all that keen on the cold, but I have kind of been looking forward to knitted scarves and mittens ❤
Looks like the time for these things will be soon!
This November has been quite mild so far.

Morphing into clouds

022 // 365

I’ve not done any shots like this for a year. I always thought it was a big hassle to set up, but I snapped this super quick and it didn’t take very long to set up at all. Well, except for trying to find my tripod!
Got a busy night tonight, but not in a bad way at all – I need to pack my clothes for this weekends trip to Edinburgh, prepare special birthday lamb to go in the slow cooker tomorrow morning, and receive presents presents (it’s such a hard life).

Draw me a picture

I really struggled with this shot tonight. To say it’s “only pencils” it was a lot harder than I’d anticipated, and truth be told I was looking forward to shooting something easy. Not especially pleased with the results (Ironically this is the third shot I took out of 80) but I suppose that if we don’t try new things we will never get better.

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