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View of the city

View of the city // 09 04 14
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Sheffield at night

This evening I went to the amphitheatre in Sheffield for the sunset. It wasn’t much of a sunset if I am honest as it was very cloudy (but, hey, that’s good makes it moody) but it was pleasant enough weather wise.
It was a bit chilly, but it was nice to just sit and talk rubbish with some of the photo peeps. I think we could have done with a thermal flask and a blanket, but it was a really nice evening. It is a lovely place to just sit and look at the view 🙂

Sheffield v Rotherham

I hate waiting to take my photo of the day, I always think some sort of disaster will befall the idea and I’ll have to take a hasty shot to make up for it. Luckily this morning we were taking Christmas down (always a sad time) and I shot the baubles as I was packing them away so I had back up shots – I just hate it when a plan might not come together…

Luckily this time it did! ^_^ It was really rather windy though, so a lot of the shots are slightly OOF, but there are a few which were usable with this one being my favourite because of the sky.