Flowers – 9 and 10 September

Black and White
Black and White

Catching up with the shots from Friday and Saturday. Both days were pretty busy (If you include the fact I was in bed for 930 and 1030 as part of where the weekend went… ;))


Untitled009 // 365

This was a show I did last year with an old rose. I really liked the shot, but never tried to do anything like it again. So today, with my trusty chrysanthemums (seriously, how long do they last in a vase?!?! Love it!) I set about trying to recreate something very similar.
I think this year I am going to go back and look at some of the work I did this time last year and revisit some of the techniques. I had forgotten how gloomy it is this time of year!

I am so excited about something which might not even happen tomorrow. It depends on the weather (of which the forecast looks OK right now…). Fingers crossed for it going ahead – and hopefully I’ll have an unusually located picture for tomorrow ^_^

Sunshine in Darkness

250 // 365
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I have outdone myself today with naps (I’m an avid napper), today I have had 2 and totalled over 4 hours asleep. Some would consider this a waste of a day, I consider it a success! : P

Went to see my mum today who has had a bunion off – this was in one the bouquets she has been given : )

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