Greece; Lindos / Road Trip

For whatever reason I never posted any of the photos I took in Greece! I didn’t take many photos really, but here we are!

Lonely Tree// Monolith Castle// Abandonment// Lindos//

We hired a car, and drove to Lindos, then up to various castle ruins and back across the middle of the island to Kolypmia. All in all the driving was good and not that chaotic considering what we were expecting. Once we were out past Kolympia / Lindos there weren’t really that many cars at all.

Abandoned Chalet// Lindos//

Day 6 – Bamburgh

Bamburgh Castle

After a lovely tea at The Mizen Head we got up for the sunrise at the beach. It was a really nice sunrise, so that was lucky – I feel like we’ve been really lucky for the entire week in terms of weather! 🙂

Bamburgh Castle

When we got back to the hotel we had a lovely breakfast, nom nom, and for me the last fry up of the week.
The plan was to go to Bamburgh Castle for a couple of hours before driving home; but when we got to the castle it was shut. As we were both really tired we decided to just drive straight home.

Bamburgh Castle

We’re home now, washing on and almost unpacked. Heating is on but the house is still warming up 🙂

Bamburgh Castle

Day 5 – Skye to Bamburgh

Loch Laggan dam

Today saw a almost seven hour drive from the Isle of Skye to Bamburgh. We drove West to East through the Highlands, past Edinburgh. It was a lot more wintery, and there was snow on the ground, and along the way it started to snow.

Bamburgh Castle

We arrived in Bamburgh just before sunset, and even though the tide was in I grabbed a couple of shots of the beach and the castle. I stopped because a rather large wave came in and literally soaked my up to my knees. Luckily I managed to grab my camera and tripod so they didn’t get too wet; but my Dr Martens, socks and jeans were sodden! I decided to take this as a sign and leave it there for the day.

Bamburgh Castle

Into our last hotel for a shower before mussels for tea. Up for sunrise to shoot the castle again, and have a little explore of said castle before returning home.

Built from ruins

Built from ruins // 21 11 15325 // 365

Today I realised something very important. It has been mild. When it is cold, one must remember gloves! My hands were like blocks of ice whilst I was shooting this and I was only there for like 10 minutes!

However, in other news, I have totally bossed the Christmas shopping today! Woop woop

Warwick Castle

As a belated birthday outing we went to Warwick Castle today, and then out for sushi for tea ^_^ We both enjoyed the Dungeons, but thought the Merlin thing was a bit pants. All in all a nice – but long – day out.

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