Mid December

I have become somewhat neglectful of my blog, as I have been so busy. Not only does December entail all of the usual Christmas present buying, wrapping etc but this December I have had the added loss of time through photography commissions. I am in no way complaining about this (!!) but I have been so busy that some parts of my life have been somewhat neglected, this blog being one of them.

Since the last update I have shot a wedding and in the pipeline is a corporate portrait shoot this weekend. This is on top of working a full time job, taking my own personal shot every day and editing the shoots which I have done.

Having said that, I am so grateful for what I have managed to achieve this year. I have gone above and beyond my expectations, and have continuously pushed myself harder and harder. I have been experiencing a bit of a photography low this past week; I think the dark days are starting to big me as I can’t seem to do anything but take photos in the house. Despite these lows I’ve managed to have two rather high Explores on Flickr, so despite being low about it it’s not all bad. I’ve decided that I’m going to carry on into 2014 – with the aim being to get 5 consecutive years before I stop… But I guess we will see how that goes – not even finished year 3 yet!

Now, for a project 365 photo dump!









In darkness look for the light

253 // 365
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Tired, hurty, fed up.
Words which describe me at the minute. I’m having a lot of leg/hip pains. I’ve had a headache for two days now. Tired all the time.
Probably just coming down with something but feeling quite low at the moment (physically) and I think today and yesterdays shots reflect that.

In other news enjoying TesseracT’s new album, and I think I shall go to bed now.

By candlelight

Really stuck for inspiration today and yesterday. The irony of it is that I am off work this week! Might have something to do with the weather – ho hum!

The flicker of the flame

Starting to get a bit of cabin fever. I’ve been out, but only to my mums or the shops. The weather is rainy and I want to go out and take photos using my filters and new lens : (

Weirdly I am looking forward to restarting the project next year, though at the moment I’m running low on inspiration – not too sure what I think January 1st will bring me! hehe

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