Following the flame

Following the flame // 26 05 14146 // 365

Today has been another damp day, and the forecast doesn’t look too better for the rest of the week either 😦 Looks like I’m going to be back shooting in doors for a while, silly English weather!

By candlelight

Really stuck for inspiration today and yesterday. The irony of it is that I am off work this week! Might have something to do with the weather – ho hum!

The flicker of the flame

Starting to get a bit of cabin fever. I’ve been out, but only to my mums or the shops. The weather is rainy and I want to go out and take photos using my filters and new lens : (

Weirdly I am looking forward to restarting the project next year, though at the moment I’m running low on inspiration – not too sure what I think January 1st will bring me! hehe

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