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This afternoon I am off out to a collaboration event with photographers and models. A wee bit nervous about it, so yesterday I was all like “You sit there and I’ll photo you and practice!!!!!”

I am really shy; and my biggest worry is about going there and not making the most out of it because I’m too scared to say anything and then coming home annoyed with myself because I missed the opportunity.
I’m going down an hour or so early to acclimatise myself to the situation and then I have a good 4 or so hours between lighting sessions to make the most of it :-B


It really doesn’t feel like a Friday to me today. For some reason it feels a bit like a Wednesday or Thursday, not that I’m complaining – the weekend is here! ^_^
Snow is forecast for the next week, and I’m trying to not get too excited about the idea of a snow day because it probably wont happen… but it’s been mentioned so the thought lingers…

Saturday Morning Stroll

Krys is really rubbish at getting up in the morning and so he decided (rather boringly) to spend most of his Amazon gift voucher money on one of those alarm clocks which wakes you up by pretending to be the sun. As predicted it woke me up before it woke him up, however it seemed to work so that’s a positive. We planned to get up early anyway and go to Rivelin Valley so off we went 🙂



Misty morning at Ladybower reservoir

The weather said it would be nice this morning. The weather lied.
Got up nice and early to go to Ladybower, only to find it overcast, mist and drizzly. Decided to stick it out for about an hour and see if I could make the best of a bad situation seeing as I’d gone to the effort to get up early and go there.

However, the weather is now nice. So there we go 😛

By moonlight

Had a go at some moonlit photography tonight. We’d originally gone out for sushi for tea so neither of us were particularly dressed for being out in the cold and as such I decided to play it safe location wise (wanted to go to the countryside, went to the general cemetery which is close to the sushi place).

Not overwhelmingly happy with the shots but this was the first time I’d tried this so it’s a learning experience 🙂 Think I will be adding it to my list of things to practice next year.

Under the Tree

So Ofsted came into school yesterday and today. I am so tired – despite the fact they didn’t come to see me! It’s the waiting and the not knowing that really mess you up… Are they coming into my lesson, are they not…?
Somewhat harsh that they came in on the last week of term before the Christmas holidays, but at least now we are done and do not have to worry about it!

Roll on Christmas 😀 !!

Nothing like a nice warm cuppa

In the newest copy of the photography magazine I get every month, it showed you how to make shapes out of bokeh lights. This made me very excited. Very excited indeed.

This shot was set up and taken by me, using a manual focus lens and a remote shutter – quite impressed that I’m relatively in focus and the lights and mug line up ^_^