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Overwhelmed // 23 09 14
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Today has been a Rammstein kind of day. It’s also been the worst knee day I can remember having in a very very very long time. Every time I placed my left leg on the floor it was a whole load of ouch and all I wanted to go was curl up in bed. By the end of the day it was a bit better (it always seems to be best in the afternoon, which is weird), but it’s back in full swing now. I’m really looking forward to going to bed!
Yesterday my blog had quite a few hits from one place, and it turns out that a website has written a little blog post about me 🙂 So hi if you’ve ended up here because of that post!
Today’s shot fits in with my ‘In another world’ series which I am currently working on connecting all the little dots together.

Of an investigatory nature

Of an investigatory nature

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Books books books books! ❤
A few years ago I taught a pupil who had the tiniest hand writing ever. One day I made a comment like "I'm clearly going to need a magnifying glass to mark this aren't I". The next week said pupil brought me one in 😛
It's been in a cupboard at work for a few years now, but when I was having a move around I found it and brought it home. I've got a couple of other ideas for using it, however for today floating around in the garden with some books – what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Other things which I have done today include wash my car! :-O
This is shocking because in the entire time I had my old car (2 weeks off 8 years) I think I washed it about 5 times! The benefits of living at home included my dad washing it for me. I can remember that I did wash it at least 2 times when I moved out. One of those times though, I did such a bad job of it my mum washed it me again hahaah.
I would rate my washing of the new car as 'fair'. I would possibly give myself 5/10.


Resolutions001 // 365

At the end of each year we think up what we want to get out of the year to come. What did we not do the year before? What did we do but regret doing it? Where do we want to see ourselves in twelve months?
A lot of resolutions end up not being kept; either because we were too ambitious or because we never 100% really wanted it in the first place. In order to meet these resolutions we need to be committed and motivated; which can be hard day in, day out.
Whenever you are feeling like you need some support in meeting your goals, don’t be afraid to seek help from those around you.


Anyway here we goo for p365 2014! I really wanted to shoot this outside but seeing as it is like a monsoon out there (slight over exaggeration … maybe)

I love reading, but it seems to be something I forget to do. What makes it even more unforgivable is the fact that I am reading a book that I am really enjoying! I have a particular fondness for children’s books. I think that it might be the illustrations in them which I am particularly drawn to.

It wouldn’t however be a new year without resolutions.
Mine are as follows:
* Get back on track with the exercise. Not only does it help with my wobbly joints but also it’s good for you. I’m normally OK at doing it, but I was ill and then Christmas.
* Read more.
* Experiment more with lighting in my pictures.
* Take a photo every day.

So you can see I have met 3 of my 4 resolutions today 😉

Carrying the weight of the world & The Wicked Witch

Carrying the weight of the world & The Wicked Witch

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I’ve come downstairs to watch TV, only to find that I never set it up to record! Grrrr!
I would be able to watch it On Demand, except kB has moved the wireless router so the TV is no longer plugged into the broadband : (