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The manifestation of the unexpected

The manifestation of the unexpected // 23 04 15

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A nice quick shot before work – crammed in in 10 minutes. I’d originally set my alarm for 10 minutes earlier, with the idea that instead of lying in bed looking at the internet before getting up I’d just get straight up. I managed to do this, which should really have created an extra 20 minutes, however for some reason I just took ages to get my breakfast together and lost all of the time I should have gained. Ultimately though I suppose it doesn’t matter as I got the shot : )

From mist

From mist // 11 02 15 042 // 365

kB was away last night, and I had pondered getting up to go shoot another shot in the same place as Monday. Upon waking I decided to go for it, so this was again shot in 10 mins. A bit embarrassing as a woman was walking three dogs pretty much past where I was after I’d set up (seriously there was so much space EVERYWHERE ELSE). Normally that would have put me off, but I was already set up, in a fancy dress in the 3 degree winter morning laying on a bath mat amongst the rabbit poo…. Classy.

The bath mat wasn’t really big enough to accommodate my feet, so my boots got really muddy. I’d not really anticipated how wet it would be (silly), and they were my work boots. When I got to work I tried to clean them off the best I could but it wasn’t really happening.

Anywhoo another shot in the bag before 8am. *winning*


Consumed // 17 09 14

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Last year I noticed these purple flowers. They’re probably weeds, and at the end of summer/ mid Sept they crop up. Near where I live there is a woods within walking distance. Towards the edge of the woods there is a clearing where these flowers grow over hip height and as no one really goes in these woods (apart from me I assume) so they are undisturbed.

Last year I had a shot in mind – I really can’t remember what the shot was now – but for whatever reason I never got around to taking it. Last weekend I noticed that they were out in bloom, then as I had  shot in mind for Sunday anyway I forgot about them until yesterday when I drove a different way home and saw some at the side of the road.

Lost in the library

Lost in the library

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Today I went on a tour to the Sheffield Central Library with my photography friends. I was mainly most excited about the huge, ancient, about to fall apart books kept in the basement. The lighting was a bit poor, so this was shot at f/1.4 rather than use my flash gun (As I only had one and it was attached to the camera). Cool trip out though, I could have spent hours flipping through the old books.
Also, old book smell = <3.