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At the ripe old age of 31 I have never stopped awake for 24 hours before. I almost made it on the day we went on holiday, but I had squeezed in a 20 minute nap in the evening, so I’m not sure that it counted.


We had a rubbish flight time, which meant we had to be at the airport for 4am. When we got to Croatia, they have a rule that you can’t check in until 3pm. We had packed some swim stuff but we were too tired to do anything really.

Cracking views of the sunset from the balcony though!

Day 12 – Dulas Bay and the Old Brick Works, Porth Wen

Today we went to Dulas Bay, and Porth Wen. This was the trip we tried to do on Monday, but we didn’t manage to make it to either.
This time in order to prepare I was on Google Maps zoomed in at 100% plotting where to park for minimum walking.

S.O.S. First up was Dulas Bay. We got there as the tide was going in, so one of the abandoned boats was already in water. This left me with the one closer to the shore to play in. I took my boots off and got into my dress, and then into the water. Little had I thought about the crabs. I hate crabs. I was almost stood on a large number of crabs. I had a bit of a freak out, jumped for the shore, gathered myself together and tentatively got back into the water. Shipwrecked

The tide was coming in pretty quickly, so we went back to the car (Which I had wondered if it were going to be in water, as the place to park wasn’t much higher than where the water was).
I then drove us to Porth Wen. We had tried to walk there on Monday, but we turned back as we weren’t sure how much farther away it was. This time though, I had found a closer parking spot, and it was a short 10 minute walk across farmers fields.

Porth Wen When we got to the end of the farmers fields, we had to walk down a steep mud path with heathers and weeds up above our heads. This was only a couple of minutes though, and then we were there. Dulas Bay


Day 1 – Norway, Ålesund

Today begins our week long trip to Norway. Norway has long been on my bucket list. Fjords, mountains, black metal, vikings. Perfect!
We had a long day yesterday as we had to drive to the airport, which was about 3 and a half hours. We finally checked into the hotel at the airport just after midnight.

Incoming This morning we had a casual 5 minute stroll to the check in desk, before having a relaxing few hours in the airport. Once we were in Norway I started with “oooh will you look at that” (The only correct response for cloud topped mountains), before the weather changed and Thor welcomed us with a thunderstorm. Ålesund, Norway

Once we were in the hotel and unpacked it blew over, and the rest of the evening has been warm and pleasant. Now, as I type this we are sat on the balcony at the back of the hotel. kB is drinking his £14 beer (!!!!) and we’re looking out at the various islands and mountains and watching the sun dip lower in the sky. It’s still light though, and it’s almost 10 o’clock.

Evening FIshing

Tomorrow we are going to go and get some bits from a supermarket, and explore the city. Apparently we can go on the Ålesund city tour for free, and I want to walk up to the Sukkertoppen and explore the area around there.

Photo catch up: Italy (part 1)

From 15/08/14 to 22/08/14 we have been in Italy. We stopped in Sant’Agnello, which was about a 15 minute walk from Sorrento. Whilst we were there we saw lots of beautiful sunsets, went to Capri and Pompei as well as me getting up before dawn twice to take some shots!
It was very warm for most of the week, but when we visited Capri it rained all on and off all day. To be honest though the shade the clouds provided was more than welcome as we ended up walking a lot farther than I anticipated. Especially when on the third day there I possibly broke my toe!

Day 1 – See yesterdays post for the image.

Day 2
After Sunset // 16 08 14

228 // 365
We didn’t really do much this day. This is the view from our balcony 🙂

Day 3
Dead end dreams // 17 08 14

229 // 365
Sorrento and Sant’Agnello don’t have beaches. Instead they have piers with sunbeds on them. You have to pay to use them, and they weren’t cheap! kB really wanted to swim in the sea though so off we went. I took my waterproof camera into the sea, and whilst treading water to try and take a picture of Mount Vesuvius from a sea eye level when I kicked kB really hard (accidentally!). My toe went black and blue and swelled up and I couldn’t walk on it. I assumed that I’d just bruised it, but it’s still an oddish colour and swollen now and I still can’t walk on it! 

Day 4
Capri Sunset // 18 08 14

230 // 365
This day we went to Pompei. There are some shots from Pompei over on my Facebook page, but this sunset was my favourite shot from that day. This was taken with my 50 – 200mm lens from the roof of the hotel we stopped in. I’ve not done much to edit the shot, such a beautiful sunset.
Despite having a (possibly) broken toe, I managed to walk a good distance – walking stick and pain killers defiantly helped!

Day 5
At dusk // 19 08 14231 // 365
We spent the day exploring Sorrento, before walking down to the sea front just before sunset.