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In bluebells woods

In bluebell woods // 15 04 14105 // 365

Day 4 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 4: Ladybank Wood, Derbyshire, UK

Perhaps a little bit too early for bluebells ‘properly’, but they sure are out in force. Lots more still to come up though, so another trip to a different bluebell location will occur next week. I could have quite literally sat there for hours. It is a nice warm day, warm enough to be comfortable in a dress without a jumper and tights (and given I am always cold this means it must be warm). I was the only person there, and for the entire time I was there the only sounds I heard were me, and the sounds of nature. Lots of bees and butterflies ^_^

Spring! :-D

Bluebell Woods

Bluebell Woods

Had a busy day today. Went to Woolley Woods in the morning to photograph the bluebells and then off to the practice rooms to photograph Rob. Took an obscene amount of shots however Lightroom makes sorting through them relativity easy.

However, bluebell woods is another thing crossed off my list of things to photograph ^_^
Got hopelessly lost on the way there as my sat nav kept loosing signal. Turns out that I’d parked at the “far end” and if I’d known where I was going the “near end” was more or less next to Meadowhall *urgh*. Double *urgh* as the practice room is also near Meadowhall! Oh well!