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Sometimes solitude is the best medicine.
These days it is so easy to stay connected; phones, tablets etc mean that most  of us are online most of the time. Meeting people in the flesh is replaced by a brief chat on a status. Despite this contact being virtual, it means that we are constantly in contact with others. Sometimes it is nice to just switch off and be totally alone.

I’ve always preferred solitude to the company of others. That is not to say that I don’t enjoy being with other people, more that if I spend time in others company socially for too long then I get worn out, for want of a better expression.

Lost in a good book

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Sometimes, OK well a lot of the time, I get really excited by an idea of what to shoot. When this manic phase comes about I find it hard to sit still or do anything else until I have executed my idea, and then obviously if it doesn’t work out then I get a bit mardy. Although mardiness aside it is a learning curve and it is usually these times when I learn the most. Learning from mistakes is the best way to learn, for me at least. So when shots go wrong I just chalk it up as experience (after a strop) and know what I should do differently next time.
I was worried that today’s shot would be one of those “experience” shots; I had a few ideas for today floating around in my head, then after visiting grandparents I decided to go and buy some material to make a blue skirt, luckily I found a vest top in the exact same colour in a cheap clothing shop opposite the market where I buy my fabric. Victory!
I went home with my purchases and knew that I should really wait for better lighting. The cloud that we had this morning had burnt off and we had glorious (31°) sunshine with barely a cloud in sight. The manic oh my god I must take this shot phase had come about though, so off I went.
Instead of trying new editing techniques I more practiced to an extreme level ones which I already had experience with and ended up with this.
I love books. I have bought a Kindle, but let’s be honest this shot would not have been the same with Kindles floating about. Nothing beats the smell, touch etc of a book. An actual proper book.

In other news my internet connection has been really bad for the last few weeks, and if nothing else it has brought to light how much I rely on the internet for daft little things; like looking up locations before I drive somewhere. Hopefully it will be getting sorted soon.

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