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Buzzards, Ridgeway

Buzzards, Ridgeway // 03 01 2022

Today I went for a walk with my mum and dad. The best thing about living close to the countryside is the fact that we don’t have to drive to be able to go on nice walks.
This walk ended up being a bit longer than I initially anticipated. The other way when we had been on another walk I have noticed a weird looking field; there was some sort of crop or bush in it with a swirl like path. Today I decided I wanted to investigate it.
We didn’t quite make it to that exact field, but we did end up nearby, and from this view spot we could see the weird crop field, and some buzzards circulating.


One of my favourite things about the winter is the low sun, and the long shadows it creates. The contrast between the highlight and the shadows is just lovely, as well as the hazy, dreamlike feel everything has.
The walk was particularly enjoyable as the weather was so mild.

Birds of a feather…

Birds of a feather... // 04 10 14277 // 365

I thought I was too late for flocks of birds (I really don’t know very much about this kind of thing) but after having a poke about on the internet I think in fact it might be that I am early.

I’ve wanted to snap a huge flock of birds for a while, and I’ve been on the look out for them since September, but I’ve only seen small flocks. I was driving my mum home from TK Maxx when I spotted these, so if I’d not been driving her home I would never have seen them as I go another way 🙂 This is really close to my house, a 2 minute walk if that, but because of a houses estate I can’t see the pylons from my house so I’ve never noticed. I dropped my mum off, zoomed home and set up my monopod with ball head (first time use!) and attached my super zoom and off we went.

Waiting isn’t really one of my strong points so after about 2 minutes (might actually have been more like 5) I was ready to give up and try again later in the day or tomorrow (mum said they do it at the same time every day, so this was maybe 30 minutes after we’d seen them so I was thinking they’d moved on somewhere else. That was my logic anyway…). Just as I was about to put my keys in the ignition I noticed a small flocks so excitedly jumped out of the car. By the time I was out of the car they were out of sight, but at least I knew (or was hoping) that there were some birds still flying about so I waited with my monopod and massive lens whilst getting odd looks and people peeping their horns and shouting things (no idea what!). After about 5 more minutes I was rewarded with loads of birds! 😀

Patience is a virtue after all 😉