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When leaves fall

When leaves fall

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Tomorrow is my grandmas birthday, so we went to my mums for dinner. These delicious red leaves had grown through the fence from next door and I decided to brave the rain and go out and pick some!
The weather forecast it looking rather glum for the next few weeks – it rained all yesterday and a massive chunk of today (though annoyingly it cleared just before sunset). I hate being stuck inside : (

Yesterday’s photo involved the horse chestnuts I pulled over and collected on Friday. Going to have to play conkers with them soon ^_^

Heading towards autumn

Heading towards autumn

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When I got back into work this morning it felt like I had never left! A 12 hour day, followed by being back in work 12 hours later = meh. Add into that the fact I think I’m getting a touch of woman flu ….

Anyway; at the weekend when I took the double me shot I found some mushrooms and picked them. I put them in my bag with all my leaves (leaves now in the bird cage in the shot) and forgot about them.
I had noticed that my car was smelling a bit funky, but I didn’t really think much of it until this morning when I realised the mushrooms must be going funny! I dug around in the leaf bag (which I’d kept in my car) and they had started to go mouldy .. mmmm nice ❤

Observing the subtle changes

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I love autumn.
Today I am feeling a lot better. I went to get my car MOT’d and whilst I waited I went and took some shots in some woods next to the place that does it.
Just being out in nature really cleared my head : ) I need to remember this when things get tough. Now back to watching season 7 of Dexter!