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Early morning at surprise view

Early morning at Surprise View // 13 09 14256 // 365

This was a ‘back up’ shot for today, but as soon as I saw it on the PC I knew I’d end up using it. I went with a photo friend back out to Surprise View this morning (We didn’t go for sunrise as it was cloudy so there wasn’t too much point). Surprise View is pretty much the same place that I took the heather shot last week, and it was my intention to take a partner shot to go with it.

My pose let the shot down; I knew I wouldn’t be using it as soon as I started to go through the photos but none the less I had a go at putting it together, but abandoned it after an hour or so. What I do have though is the heather / background for that shot so I will have a go at compositing me onto the background another day and see how that goes!