Fields of Sunshine

Fields of sunshine

I’ve been meaning to get into this field and photograph it for a few weeks now. I drive past it every day on the way to work, and I know there is parking near it so it’s an ideal spot.

Fields of sunshine

For whatever reason though, it’s taken me ages to go to it and photograph it. I was worried today that I was going a bit early. The sun doesn’t set until 9, and I set out just before 7, but it turns out that it clouded over just as I was leaving, and the sun was just at the right height in the sky.

Fields of sunshine

I felt I was pretty lucky with the bees too! So cute and fluffy and buzzy ^_^

Fields of sunshine

Fields of sunshine

Bee Friends!

Bee Friends ^-^ // 02 08 14214 // 365

These two bees were on this flower for ages – a least over an hour. Then they had a little fight, one bee pushed the other one off and the both flew away!

Busy at work

Busy at work // 14 04 14104 // 365

Day 3 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 3: Tickhill, Doncaster, UK

Today I went with my mum to visit my grandma and my granddad. They have a most wonderful garden, loads of flowers and fruit trees.

In grandma's garden

Working hard

Some days inspiration just does not arrive. Instead of pushing it, it’s on days like this that I go to find something else to shoot. Today was a fair day, and we were having a BBQ for tea so I decided to go out into the garden.

There was a time not too long ago where project 365 would have been focussed mainly around the delights I found in my garden, however as I have grown as a photographer my preferences have changed. Sometimes though you just cant beat a bee on a flower and a bit of bokeh, Mmmmmm ❤


It’s been really warm, but I think it’s the humidity which is what makes it uncomfortable. This year is different from all the recent summers for more than just the heat though, this year I’ve seen loads of butterflies and bees! 😀

Didn’t manage to snap a butterfly today though, but I did capture a ladybug and a buzzy bee


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