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SoS (in Bluebell Woods)

SoS // 27 04 14
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Day 16 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 15: I have no idea what it’s called but it is part of the Trans Pennine Trail, UK

So, 16 days later and I managed to take a photo in 15 different places, weather being the only reason I didn’t make it to 16. The furthest away I ventured was my grandma’s house I think. She lives about 40 minutes away, most of these locations are really close to my house and for this I am grateful. I live in a great area for woodlands, parks and general nature-y stuff ^_^

I really wanted to do this my with bird cage rather than the lantern again, but I was going on my own and had enough to carry anyway without a massive birdcage. I was dubious about setting the smoke off, as I hadn’t realised how close these woods are to a golf course and I could hear some men talking, and see another man mowing the grass! It turns out that this smoke isn’t quite as bad as I’d anticipated, mainly because my only other experience with it was in a house where it was quite condensed. Glad that I eventually decided to bit the bullet and light it, though I am now out of smoke stuff until the other bath I ordered comes through the post.

Sadly though, day 16 also means that it is back to work tomorrow however there isn’t long to go until the next holiday!

I’ve also ordered a new prop which I am so so so excited about *flails arms about*.

Bluebell woods

Restricted vision

Restricted vision // 25 04 14115 // 365

Day 14 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 13: My mum and dad’s spare room, UK

Sometimes I have an idea, and even though the weather conditions are not right, or I feel poorly, I get so swept up and giddy by the idea that I have to carry it out there and then.

Smoke was today’s idea. I’ve been toying with the idea of using smoke for a while, but I’ve never quite managed to get around to doing anything about it. Until today. After a bit of internetting, I found that I could get some smoke from a shop a 15 minute drive from me. So despite the fact it was chucking it down with rain, despite the fact I felt like poo and had had a really bad headache and felt sick all morning off I went.

Now I knew I couldn’t use the smoke outside because it was raining (although now it’s stopped raining!) so I had to think of somewhere where I could use it inside. I decided that as my brother was at work, and my mum and dad were on holiday their spare room was a good place to go and play. Needless to say they produce quite a lot of smoke, but I managed to not set off the smoke alarm.

I ordered some more smoke of Amazon, but still have some left. Excited to think up a big idea where I can use it outside next 😀


Blinded // 19 04 14109 // 365

Day 8 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 8: Decoy Bomb Shelter, UK

In what was quite possibly the first time I have ever done it, today I took some ballet shoes with me to manoeuvre myself into position. When not frolicking bare foot in front of the camera, I’m normally stomping around in Dr Martens. Because I’ve loved DM’s for as long as I can remember and I own too many pairs…. The purple pair, the grey pair, the white pair, the black pair, the cherry blossom pair…. I have more but I’ll stop there, don’t want to look obsessed 😉 (Even though through typing about DMs I totally did not end up looking at them on the internet. That did not happen…)

Anywhoo, the purpose of the ballet pumps was because I wasn’t too sure what the state of the floor was going to be like. kB came with me and then proceeded to spook me by saying “Watch out for needles” (Of which I didn’t see or come across any so no worries!). I waddled across the floor and up the pile of rubble and perched at first because I wasn’t too comfortable sitting down; but then I got over that, took my shoes off and went for it!

Kudos for kB suggesting I block out the light rather than reaching for it, but minus points for him as he said the hand needed to be closer to my face. As I can’t see what I look like in camera I followed his instructions and took a few with my hand closer… Only to get home and see that the position of my hand totally blocked out any light on my face! So I had this shot or a reaching for the light shot to work with.

When leaves fall

When leaves fall

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Tomorrow is my grandmas birthday, so we went to my mums for dinner. These delicious red leaves had grown through the fence from next door and I decided to brave the rain and go out and pick some!
The weather forecast it looking rather glum for the next few weeks – it rained all yesterday and a massive chunk of today (though annoyingly it cleared just before sunset). I hate being stuck inside : (

Yesterday’s photo involved the horse chestnuts I pulled over and collected on Friday. Going to have to play conkers with them soon ^_^



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Today I paraded around Moor Valley and the Owlthorpe Grasslands Grazing Project (Sheffield, UK) with a chair. As usual I was dressed for the shot, not for the weather adding into this the fact I’m becoming increasingly lazy with boots (I ♥ Dr Martens but they require socks) so I was technically wearing slippers …

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Said slippers are now outside in a vain attempt to air them off. I should start to dress my feet more appropriately, and take out a small towel at all times. In the past I always had a small hand towel in my camera bag, but since I’ve started parading around bare foot for some reason I seem to be less bothered about insistently packing it. Go figure!

To make matters that little bit worse, it has rained quite heavily over the last couple of days, and as much as I anticipated the grass being wet for some reason it didn’t factor into my head that therefore the MUD would be wet. The very same mud I was planning on walking on bare foot and then sitting on. In my brand new dress.

After deciding on the further away of the two fields (which actually turned out to be a good move as this gate wasn’t locked!) I set up shot. It surprised me how easy it was to get the shot, but upon reflection in the car on the way home I knew it was because of the chair providing me with a focal point when setting up the framing.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Now I am home, I took off everything which is muddy and I’ve been working on my website a bit. It is well overdue an update, but I decided I was fed up with the banner at the top so I’ve mainly worked on that so far.
The image gallery drastically needs sorting out, but that’s a bigger job so I shall probably make a start on that tomorrow.