Thurgoland Tunnel

Today I went to Thurgoland Tunnel to take some band photos, and whilst we were there I grabbed a couple of selfies (obvs)

Down the Rabbit Hole Thurgoland Tunnel


Indian Summer

This weekend it has been unusually warm for the time of year.

Of fiery leaves So out I went again, to shoot more orange leaves ❤ IT was so warm I had cut off trousers on and a vest top and was fine. Of forgotten paths

Back lit leaves  Back lit leaves


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Today I paraded around Moor Valley and the Owlthorpe Grasslands Grazing Project (Sheffield, UK) with a chair. As usual I was dressed for the shot, not for the weather adding into this the fact I’m becoming increasingly lazy with boots (I ♥ Dr Martens but they require socks) so I was technically wearing slippers …

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Said slippers are now outside in a vain attempt to air them off. I should start to dress my feet more appropriately, and take out a small towel at all times. In the past I always had a small hand towel in my camera bag, but since I’ve started parading around bare foot for some reason I seem to be less bothered about insistently packing it. Go figure!

To make matters that little bit worse, it has rained quite heavily over the last couple of days, and as much as I anticipated the grass being wet for some reason it didn’t factor into my head that therefore the MUD would be wet. The very same mud I was planning on walking on bare foot and then sitting on. In my brand new dress.

After deciding on the further away of the two fields (which actually turned out to be a good move as this gate wasn’t locked!) I set up shot. It surprised me how easy it was to get the shot, but upon reflection in the car on the way home I knew it was because of the chair providing me with a focal point when setting up the framing.
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Now I am home, I took off everything which is muddy and I’ve been working on my website a bit. It is well overdue an update, but I decided I was fed up with the banner at the top so I’ve mainly worked on that so far.
The image gallery drastically needs sorting out, but that’s a bigger job so I shall probably make a start on that tomorrow.

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