Filler shot

Filler shot // 19 04 15

109 // 365

I seem to have quite comprehensively fallen off the photography wagon. I have no ideas, I’m not inspired. I can’t seem to et myself inspired, or get any ideas from anywhere. I don’t want to go anywhere to take any pictures, but I don’t want to fail my final 365.

I just seem to have lost my (photography) mojo.

It started around when my grandad died, and I thought it was kind of coming back last week; but since going back to work it just has not come back at all. I have no enthusiasm for what I am shooting (or editing).
I’ve tired a range of things to get me hooked back in, but nope! My brain is just not interested.

It makes me a bit sad, because I can remember getting excited about ideas in advance and jumping out of bed early to dash off and go and shoot them… And now I have whole days where I could be out shooting and instead I just think something up last minute :-/

It has been by far the longest rut I can remember being in.

Left Behind

Left Behind // 02 07 14

183 // 365

I decided to name my balloon Betsy. This morning when I woke up Betsy was looking a bit worse for wear. She possibly might have also been a tad suicidal, as she was leaning on some knitting needles.

The only proper thing to do, was to take Betsy out for ‘one last spin’ before she withers away…


Perspective // 01 07 14182 // 365

I am such a dork.
I bought helium to blow up balloons. kB was at first annoyed, then intregued, then came to accept that there will be a fairly large helium container in our house for the next couple of months.
Rather stupidly I’d forgotten to factor in the wind, and was too over-joyed with my floaty balloon to not go outside and shoot the shot I had dreamed up. So it turned out that for this shot I didn’t need helium at all, but whatevs. We had fun running around the field with a balloon.
Sometimes I do wonder how I got to be this cool at 28.

Do what makes you happy kids!
(Even if that is running around in your gym wear on a field surrounded by houses with your boyfriend, giggling and pulling a helium filled balloon  behind you. Live. The Dream. :-P)

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