A change of direction

A change of direction // 04 01 15004 // 365

At the start of every year I like to set myself photographic goals for the coming year; things to try and achieve in my project 365. This year is the first year I’ve been a bit stuck for ideas.
Year One goal: Learn how to use my SLR properly. I taught myself how to operate the camera in manual mode, and read books on composition and what not. I basically read anything that I could get my hands on.
Year Two goal: Try new lenses/equipment, experiment more with photo graphical techniques.
Year Three goal: Take more black and white images. Explore photography as a business. Although this lead me to decide early on in the year that I’m not too interested in pursuing this. Half way through the year I experimented with ‘Surreal June’, and then my goal adapted to pursue this for the remainder of the year. Try working with others.
Year Four goal: Improve my conceptual skills, both pre and post production.
Year Five goal: Focus more on planning out a series. You don’t always have to take your shoes off (although by jove I do love being barefoot). Try out some techniques or styles I am largely unfamiliar with, or steer away from.

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