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Isn’t it funny when we are our own worst enemy?
I rarely think any of my photos are ‘good’ and I’m constantly striving to get better, learn something new; ‘if I can just learn this…’ ‘if I can just go here…’
However negative this can be on your own sense of self worth, at the same time it is also a driving force to improve oneself – if ‘perfection’ can never be reached then we do not become complacent and we are constantly pushing ourselves and challenging ourselves in the vain hope that we better ourselves.

If I look at my photos now, and think back 4 years, I would never have imagined then that I would be like this now. I have come so far and learnt so much; but I still am not where I want to be.
If I am putting aside my own weird issues, 4 year ago me would probably have been pretty stoked with, well, most of the shots I am taking now. I look back on those shots with a fondness, a way of showing myself how far I have come.
I will never be as good as I want to be. I will probably never think my photos are ‘great’ or ‘amazing’ but I will constantly develop and learn and progress.

Here’s to constantly wanting to better yourself, constantly pushing yourself and learning new things!

Wake me up when darkness falls

273 // 365
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I have all the worst ideas; after suffering from knee pain for most of the weekend (the really bad kind where I feel like I can’t do anything) I decide to hike up a hill covered in grass which literally came up to my shoulders in places.
In my defence I did’t realise it was that tall…
Day off tomorrow – got a location and props sorted and quite looking to it

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