Cuppa Tea

Nothing beats a good cup of tea. I really look forward to coming home from work, mashing a cuppa and having some crackers with humus whilst I watch Neighbours.

In other news Flickr has changed. Seems to be a bit buggy. I like the layout for it, but I’m not convinced that they’ve made all the right changes to it but I’ve not used it much since the change. It was in massive need of a overhaul though as it looked seriously outdated!
Any other opinions?

Afternoon Tea

Went to a factory outlet place with my mum and dad, and bought things from the Bench and Denby shops :-B
Then we had afternoon tea.
I’ve decided I need to figure out manual focusing more (it’s something I’ve always struggled with) so I’m going to be using my 50mm lens more because it’s manual focus only!

Afternoon Tea

In a shocking turn of events this weeks “abstract Tuesday” shot was taken on a Wednesday :-O
Reason being that yesterday was sunny and nice and the rest of the next two weeks look set to be miserable and cloudy, so one must embrace the sun where one can.

Somehow I managed to resist eating Jaffa Cakes whilst taking this.

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